About us

We are a bunch of passionate individuals with a zeal to :

Raise awareness about the health benefits of organic A2 milk, bilona ghee and Panchgavya Medicines derived from Indigenous cows.

Hetha has a herd size of over 1000+ indigenous cows spread out over different farms in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

The organisation is managed by 100+ individuals and is run without donations.

Hetha ensures all its old cows and bulls live a comfortable life until their natural end.

Hetha is committed towards the ethical treatment of cows. Our cows and bulls have access to organic green fodder, clean water throughout the day and are free to roam in vast open spaces.

All cows our monitored against diseases to ensure the highest quality of milk standards.


Filmmakers SK Raghav and Sandeep Rajput have made a documentary on Hetha. This endeavour was not funded by us and we thank the duo for their effort !