Customer Testimonials

Mr and Mrs Mittal from Khurja, UP


- I am really glad to had a pure milk sample,would be booking for sure,and my mom says its pure no adulteration.. Its yellow in color,taste good,its healthy as we know its of A2 type milk..just had a really great experience.... Wonderful job Hetha 
                                                                                                -- by Suruchi Arora

- I would like to thanks to your efforts also for spreading the great value of products which have been lost in the world behind
                                                                                                 -- by Anil Gupta

- I always had cows milk when I was with my parents in Allahabad. After coming to Delhi I found that people here take pasteurised milk. There was no provision of pure cows milk..Thanks a lot to hetha team for their awesome initiative of providing desi cow's milk .. I got to know about the benefits of a2 milk type for the first time. i am having it for the past 1 month, the taste is awsm, gets digested easily and i think this is the best i can give to my 4 years old kid. 😊Thanks a lot hetha team for ur efforts that you are putting up to reach customers in Delhi as well.
                                                                                                 -- by Leena

- Your desi cow ghee smells and taste Shuddha and Swaadisht...really liked it.
                                                                                                 -- by Aakansha Dua

- Thanks for sending such gud quality milk in hygienic way. highly appreciated. Keep up the gud work. 
                                                                                                  -- by Nishtha Gera   

- It's 3 months we are taking Hetha milk services of cow milk. The quality and services of Hetha are remarkable. Everybody @ my home was earlier little hesitant  but now they themself recommending it to friends n relatives. You have made a good choice with Hetha :)
                                                                                                   -- by Milinda Rao  

- I was amazed with natural fragrance dhoop sticks emanates. Truly impressed; and wondered how was this missed till now.
I have tried oils and fragrances; this is truly most natural and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
by Sumit Asthana


- I want to share an important feedback with group members. A day before yesterday, my domestic help inadvertently held the red hot tea-pan from its edge instead of the handle and consequently came to me tossing about and writhing in pain from the  skin burn on his index finger and thumb, demanding burnol or the like ointment. My search on the internet had revealed to me that even though SDG is an almost all-purpose cream, it is specifically highly recommended to cool and treat skin burns in Ayurveda. Deep belief as I have in our scriputral prescriptions, SDG being an Atharvaveda prescribed formulation, I thought of giving  it a try on my domestic help's skin burn. When I showed my help the ointment I was going to apply on the burn area, he said, " Sir, is se kya hoga?" I told him, " Dekh lete hain ek baar laga k". I told him that If there was no relief, I would get him some other ointment like burnol. Quite reluctantly, he agreed to have SDG applied on his finger and thumb. I applied just a little of SDG on the affected area and thought to myself if it works somewhat or not. Hardly had 2-3 minutes passed, to be precise, I heard my  help screaming in joy, " Arre Sir, yeh toh bilkul theek ho gaya. Abhi toh bilkul bhi jalan nahin hai." I myself had not even remotely expected this kind of a quick relief to him. It was nothing short of a magical effect of SDG. I am thankful to Hetha for having introduced me to such a good product of the ancient vedic wisdom. In an earlier post sometime back, I had shared its soothing magical effect on an insect bite I had. However, given the intensity of the burning pain my domestic help had, such quick relief was the last thing I could have expected. One thing more, SDG is a wonderful moisturiser. Hetha, keep up the good work in the service of cows, and needless to say, in propagating the timeless wisdom of our great cultural heritage.
                                                                                      -- by Vinay Mohan Sharma

                                                                                       -- by Rajat Chatterjee

Thank you for the product, my dad's pigmentation has reduced by 50% till now. Hope it goes completely soon. 🙌🏻
I actually saw Dr. Rekha's post on Instagram about SDG. And you people happen to make that product. And my father has been victim of over dosing of allopathic medicines, so i asked him not to visit allopathic doctor for every problems. So tried SDG and within few weeks it disappeared by 50%. I should have taken photo actually back then. But no worries will take now and when he recovers 100% i will share it with you. Thanks a lot. ❤️
                                                                                        -- by Pradip Mishra 

After I started using Hetha honey, I don’t feel the need to try any other honey brand. It tastes so pure and genuine. Thanks Hetha 
                                                                                        -- by Meena Bhati


Have tried honey from multiple well known brands. After consuming Hetha's honey, I can say it is different. One of the best Honey ever tried 🙏
                                                                                        -- by Ashutosh Gupta

Honey is so good... I liked the dant manjan too😃 I am saying this because I have tried to switch from paste previously and have used certain danta manjan panchagavya but could not take it up ... this is by far the best of the what I have tried.. thanks
                                                                                        -- by Maithreyi Baliga