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Our Mission

Hetha is committed to raise awareness about the health benefits of organic A2 Milk, Bilona Ghee and Panchagavya Medicines derived from our indigenous breeds of cows.

Current state of Milk

Take a tour to a nearby village or a dairy farm & it would not take you long to identify the miserable & unhygienic conditions under which the cows are kept. Small and cramped sheds with cows forced to stand on their own excreta (dung).
Most dairy owners treat their cows as machines and the sole purpose is to extract the maximum amount of milk with the highest quantity of fat content. Milk co-operations purchase milk solely on the fat-content percentage.
Urea, color, animal fat addition is rampant. Oxytocin and other hormones are injected to increase milk production. Studies have linked the consumption of milk contaminated with Oxytocin to the early puberty in children, which is on alarming rise these days. Oxytocin in milk can also cause hormonal imbalances, weak eyesight, miscarriages, and breast/prostrate cancer.

Why raw organic A2 milk from desi cows ?

Unfortunately the milk we consume today can contain hormones, steroids, urea and chemicals. The reason being buffaloes and cows are reared by a good majority to extract the maximum quantity of milk. Dairies collect milk from farmers and pay them for the amount of fat and not for the quality of protein in the milk. No tests are conducted at a vast majority of milk collection centers for adulteration.
 Desi cows which produce high quality milk are no one's fancy and the exotic HF, Jersey and buffaloes have taken over. To ponder : quality or quantity ?

Milk contains 2 main types of beta-casein protein, A2 and A1. Majority of milk that is available in the market is A1 type or a mix of A1 and A2 type milk.

Originally, India was a A2 type milk producing country as our native cow breeds produce only A2 milk. The imported breeds like Holstein Friesian(HF), Jersey etc produce mainly A1 type milk. A1 milk is associated with diabetes, coronary heart disease, autism, schizophrenia and other health related issues.

Switch to desi cow organic A2 milk, bilona ghee and experience the difference yourself !

Ethical Milking

Hetha believes in ethical milking. Ethical milking = "दोहन" = Milk from two teats for the calf and milk from the other two for mankind.

At Hetha, male calves are not sent to abattoirs and neither abandoned on roads.  Based on the pedigree a male calf becomes a bull or is raised as a bullock.
Hetha uses bull power to carry out all farm activities. Tractors have no place in our ecosystem. For Bulls/Bullocks, visit : www.hethabulls.in

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