Jeevamrit /Jeevamrutham - plant nourishment

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Jeevamrit /Jeevamrutham

100% Natural, 0% Chemicals
Made from Desi cow gaumutra, desi cow dung, jaggery, besan and mud from under the Banyan tree.
It provides necessary nourishment to the plants and keeps them healthy and is a great alternative to Urea, DPT and Chemical based Pesticides.

Mix one part of Jeevamrit / Jeevamrutham with 10 parts of water and pour into the root of plants. 
Keep the lid loose as gas is released in jeevamrit / Jeevamrutham. Use within 30 days after receiving the product.



Courier note : This product is shipped in a hard plastic bottle as the chances of breakage during transit are high. If you need in glass bottle only then please whatsapp Hetha Outstation Support at : +91 7289037381. 


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